Summarizing an article

1) Using your own words, the first paragraph should introduce the article and the issue, which the author discusses/ DO NOT USE QUOTES

2) The second paragraph should explain the main point, followed by some of the important sub-points which the author discusses. The key to summary is to first read the article carefully and to then focus on the main message

3) The last paragraph should involve your CRITICAL THINKING about the article — be sure to have logical REASONS for your ARGUMENTATION. DO NOT JUST STATE YOUR FEELINGS

The following are some steps to remember when writing your summary:

1. Read the article carefully to determine the significance of each idea and how it is linked to other ideas.

2. Reread the article and highlight some of the important ideas

3. Write the introductory paragraph, mentioning the source and author at the beginning of the summary. In several sentences tell the reader what the whole selection is generally about

4. State the authors main idea without distorting those ideas or adding your own.

5. Decide which sub-points to include in your article and what to leave out.

6. Write your critical paragraph, identifying how you feel about the issue discussed and why. To avoid total subjectivity, try imagining that you like the other point of view and yet explain why it is incorrect. Be sure to consider a view point you do not agree with and deal with that view point so that your critical opinion is balanced. Do not just repeat your own view without critical argumentation.

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