Supporting Learners with Mental Health Conditions.

Guidance for Assignment – Supporting Learners with Mental Health Conditions.
Assignment Question:
Paul is an 8-year-old boy who lives with his mother, attends the 4th grade and is an A student. He is phobic of dogs. Paul has missed several school days and has been refusing to go to school for the past 3 weeks. He is awake almost all night worrying about going to school. Early morning, he starts screaming and crying that he cannot go, pulls his hair and experiences headaches and stomach aches. When he attends school, he is less anxious until bedtime. Members of his teaching team have noticed that he has become gloomy, stopped reading for fun and is increasingly asking questions in relation to health issues in adults. His mother suffers from tachycardia and has a history of panic disorders.
Answer the following questions:
-What more information would you look for if you were Paul’s Learning Support Educator (LSE)?
-What condition/s do you think Paul suffers from?
-What professionals and services would be available for him? Explain your reasons.
-Describe and discuss 1 long term goal and 2 short term ones to use while working with Paul. The goals mentioned can be both academic or behavioural. Strategies of how the goals are going to be achieved need to be mentioned.
• References have to be APA Style and not taken from websites but from published journals like those from google scholar. Recent ones preferred.
• For the paper it is preferred if you would use simple English, since I am not a native speaker of English. Thanks.

Reference no: EM132069492


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