TED Analysis Essay for russell Foster https://www.ted.com/talks/russell_foster_why_do_we_sleep?language=en

The essay length should be 3 – 6 full pages. If your paper is not three FULL pages long, you will not earn a grade.
The essay should be double-spaced.
Use standard 12 pt, Times New Roman font.
The paper should be in MLA format.  Use your textbook.  MLA format includes the format & location of the page numbers, identifying information, title, etc.
Use specific information.
Offer examples! Avoid generalities and abstractions.
By the end of the essay, the reader should have a clear understanding of the subject and the focus.
Write using a third-person point of view.
Give the essay a title that is specific and interesting.
The introduction must introduce the reader to the speaker of the talk, the title of the talk, and the subject of the talk.
The thesis must name the speaker, the talk, and reveal your analysis.
The introduction should begin with description or action. Avoid statements like the following: “I’m going to tell you about” OR “In this essay”
The conclusion should wrap-up the subject.
Concentrate on solid paragraph structure. Each paragraph should have a main point (topic sentence) and supporting evidence.
Organize the essay so that ideas flow from one paragraph to the next; use transitions.
Avoid run-on sentences and fragments.
Avoid tense shifts; be consistent.
Proofread the essay and correct grammatical errors.
The essay needs to have a focus. Avoid offering an overview or providing a random list of facts.

Reference no: EM132069492


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