What is your opinion about industrial forest plantations?

This is the first of four graded discussions as indicated in the syllabus.  In no less than 150 and no more than 300 words, express your opinion on whether industrial forest plantations are good, neutral or bad, if they have a place in today’s forestry sector, if they can or cannot coexist with natural forests, and/or any other aspect relevant to this discussion.  You must publish your main post before you are able to see those from your classmates, after which respectful follow-ups or replies are welcome (but not required).  Your grade will be based on 1) the quality of your writing (i.e. clarity to convey your ideas), 2) depth of your comments and 3) justification for your arguments (each worth 1 point; up to 1 point will be taken off if the length of the post below 150 or above 300 words).  You will not be judged based on your opinion, but opinions must be sustained with coherent and factual arguments.  You are allowed and encouraged to consult the literature to provide an informed decision, but references are not necessary given that your post must be kept at the big-picture level (you will still be checked for plagiarism so just make sure your post is yours, word by word).  Enjoy!

Reference no: EM132069492


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