College Mental Health Assignment 1

Assignment 1: Topic, Research Question, Potential Practical Significance. Students will be identify public health indicators for topics at the beginning of the semester for their research. (Topic is College Mental Health)

1) Based on the indicator, they will submit a sentence or two describing the topic of their papers for the course.
2) The next step will be to provide their research question, which is the premise for the remainder of the written assignments.
3) Following review, the research question should be written as a statement of purpose.
The remainder of the assignment will be introductory paragraphs that discuss the importance of the research for informing the field of public health and the potential impact of the answers for the research question.                 
Please note: It is essential to discuss its impact on the field of public health practice.

Files attached will be examples of how the assignment should look like.

Reference no: EM132069492


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