Critical Assignment: Infrastructure Plan

Scenario: You are a newly hired information technology manager for the organization BestBuy. After your first meeting with your supervisor, the Vice President of Administration, you realize that the organization does not have an effective technology plan in place. You also realize that previous information technology efforts were not aligned with the mission of the organization. Internal information systems are underutilized, and end users have not received formal training for the systems. End users are using a variety of computer workstations with differing configurations. Customer data is insecure, and the organizations’ network is vulnerable to outside attacks by hackers. Internal information systems are outdated and need to be updated or replaced.

Your assignment is to write an Infrastructure Plan for your organization. To do this, you will need to ensure that the vision of the Information Technology department aligns with the mission of the organization. You will also need to evaluate system components, develop IT strategies, consider options for implementing new systems, and select solutions to secure customer data.

The successful Infrastructure plan will consist of the following components:
1) A mission statement for Information Technology department that aligns with the role and goals of the organization

2) The identification of hardware options, software options, operating system options, virtual server options, database system options, and network component options

3) An explanation of how business intelligence, e-commerce, and knowledge management strategies support the goals of the organization

4) An explanation of the selected system implementation option (i.e., buy versus build)

5a) A list of information security needs for the organization

5b) A plan to prevent cybercrime, and protect customer data

The plan should be at least 10 pages long (including title page and References page), should include at least five (5) references, and should follow APA format. An abstract is not required.

Reference no: EM132069492


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