Design Thinking

Purpose of assignment is to help you develop an integrated theoretical paper based on a targeted literature review of the existing body of knowledge. Recall that the theoretical topic selected is:

The theoretical area of design thinking. Recent researches discuss the need of incorporating design thinking into the current business school education system (Glen, Suciu, Baughn, 2014). Design theory is gaining attention from many sectors like the business sector, a good understanding of design theory will be beneficial in a professional setting

You need to articulate a clear intention for the paper that must include the discussion of involved theoretical constructs as well as application of those constructs within practice supported by published empirical evidence.

Expected parameters:
    Include Table of contents, reference list.
    Sources cited: minimum of 20 different sources relying mostly on primary sources from the scholarly literature.
    Organized content presented in APA style. Paper should stand-alone as a complete paper with clear introduction indicating the purpose for the writing and have a closing section ending the writing.
    Criteria for evaluation: Provides content requested; well organized demonstrating critical analysis and integration of sources; well-written with no grammatical or other structural errors; timeliness.

Reference no: EM132069492


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