Humans of New York Stories with Venn Diagram.

CRA #2 – HONY – Humans of New York Stories with Venn Diagram.pdf
Choose two of the 10 articles (people) pp. 2-11.
Read about the chosen person/people.
If needed, complete the compare and contrast Venn Diagram (between the two people chosen and yourself…if needed).
Write a paragraph using compare and contrast transitions words to demonstrate the similarities and differences between all three (yourself and the two people chosen).
In paragraph form with 5-10 Sentences minimum.
Please identify the person/s you are comparing/contrasting by page number.
For example:
The individual on page 2 and I are similar in that we are both females. However our ethnicities are different, her skin color is darker than mine…
The person on page 6 and I are different in…

Reference no: EM132069492


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