Online Ads Targeting You

Discussion Response

Consider that you visit an online store you have visited before. You quickly notice a welcome back message at the top of your page. You make a purchase: a fine set of grilling utensils.  The next time you open your browser, ads shown in the sidebar included gas grills and accessories as well as deals from local butcher shops. Similar ads begin to appear on your social media pages and other websites you often visit. In addition, emails offering subscriptions to cooking magazines begin to arrive.

Does this type of targeted advertising violate a consumers privacy?    Why or why not?
Is it a benefit to consumers? Why or why not?
Taken from the Writing Prompt on page 231 in Ethics and the Conduct of Business, 8th ed.

Please quote or reference the text book, pages attached.

For example, meaningful posts tend to:

      Provide concrete examples, perhaps from your own experience
      Identify consequences or implications
      Challenge something that has been posted, perhaps by playing devils advocate
      Pose a related question or issue
      Suggest a different perspective or interpretation
      Pull in related information from other sources books, articles, websites, courses, etc.
      Use APA format and include at least 2 scholarly citations for each discussion

Reference no: EM132069492


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