Strategic Analysis Project of Outback Steakhouse

Students either individually or in groups (2-3 students for each group) will prepare a strategic analysis report on a hospitality and tourism organization and present their findings to their classmates (presentations will be made via Zoom). The group is required to select one organization in the tourism and hospitality industry on which contemporary published information is widely available. They should also approach this company to interview their managers and executives.

The following companies or their brands cannot be chosen for group projects: Rosen Hotels, Universal, Disney, Southwest Airlines, Marriott Hotels, Hilton Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Starwood Hotels, Darden Restaurants and Southwest Airlines or any of the companies covered in the sample papers provided.

Following topics and issues should be covered in your project:
Executive summary, introduction and methodology
Companys history
Companys vision, mission and goals
Analysis of the companys general environment (PESTE analysis)
Analysis of the companys task (industry) environment
Analysis of the companys internal environment
Overall strategy and strategic direction of the company
Competitive advantage (if any!) of the company and its sustainability.
Problems and challenges that the company is facing
Conclusions emerging from your report
Recommendations for this company to pursue in the future
Your learning from this project

Submit a 4,000-6,000 word, APA formatted, Strategic Analysis paper.

Structure of the Project
1. The history of the company: You should explain the companys history, founders, brands, key events and current management team.

2. The companys vision, mission and goals: You should explain and discuss the companys mission, vision and goals. You can comment on their vision, mission and goals and compare them with their competitors.

3. Analysis of the general macro environment: You should clearly present your PESTE analysis findings. In other words, you should be able to explain and evaluate how developments in the general environment may currently impact and will impact on the company. You should not only identify opportunities and threats from the general environment but also evaluate them.

4. Analysis of the task environment (industry structure analysis): You should present your Porters Industry Structure analysis findings. In other words, you should be able to explain and evaluate how developments in the task (industry) environment may currently impact and will impact on the company. You should not only identify opportunities and threats from the task environment but also evaluate them.

5. Analysis of the internal environment: You should explain and evaluate the internal environment of the company. In particular, you should discuss strengths and weaknesses of the company in terms of operations, marketing, HRM, finance and IT.

6. The companys resources, core competencies and competitive advantage (if any!) and its sustainability: You should explain the companys strategic resources, competencies, and distinctive competencies. Finally, you should be able to identify and discuss whether the company has any competitive advantage and whether this competitive advantage is sustainable.

7. The companys overall strategy, its strategic direction, leadership, main problems and challenges: You should explain what the companys overall generic corporate and/or business strategy is and explain the companys overall strategic direction and leadership. Here you should also discuss and evaluate strategic problems and challenges that the company currently faces or may face in the future.

8. Conclusions and Recommendations: You should highlight several conclusions from your project and based on your conclusions you should suggest specific strategic and tactical recommendations for the company. If you are suggesting specific changes or strategies, you should also provide some suggestions about potential challenges and barriers to these changes and developments.

9. References: Use APA 6th edition style when referencing and list all your references in this section. You should also show your references in text. The paper should have minimum 10 scholarly references. The majority of references should be published after 2010.

Length 4,000-6,000 Words – pass/fail
APA Format – 5%
Abstract – 5%
History of Company – 10%
Marco Environment – 10%
Task Environment – 10%
Internal Environment – 10%
Resources, Core Competencies, Competitive Advantage, & Sustainability – 10%
Strategy, Direction, Leadership, and Challenges – 10%
Conclusions and Recommendations – 5%
References – 10%
Third Person – 5%
Level of Sophistication – 10%
Total – 100%

Reference no: EM132069492


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