Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie

Essay Questions:

Pick one of the following questions (or a combination of questions) and write a unified critical response essay meaning that you use the text to back up your observations, comment, ideas, and arguments Have fun, take chances, and write. I will be looking to see your minds at work not at grammar and spelling (well, just a bit)

1.    Why would a smart Indian be a dangerous person, widely feared and ridiculed (paragraph 6)? Why would non-Indians adopt this opinion? Why would Indian children adopt this self-defeating idea?

2.    What does the author mean when he writes in paragraph 7, I was trying to save my life? What point is he making about books and educating oneself?

3.    Based on Alexies story, what inner characteristics or outward support does a person need to break free of stereotypes and dead ends and forge a path to success?

4.    In paragraph 3, the author uses the metaphor that a paragraph was a fence that held words. Does this metaphor help you understand what a paragraph does? How would you explain a paragraph?

Not too much paraphrasing but more quotes

Reading is attached below

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