Term Paper: Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

Juvenile Justice Administration (CRJU 325)

Term Paper: Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

Write a 8-10 page paper (double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, APA style) on the assigned peer-reviewed journal article. Your paper should be a critical evaluation of empirical research, in this case a peer-reviewed journal article from the most recent issue of a leading criminal justice academic journal.

Your paper should address the following:

Section 1 Understanding Juvenile Delinquency (20% of grade): Describe the subject of this research. What are the researchers trying to accomplish with this study? What question(s) are they looking to answer? Explain how the researchers conducted their study. How did they gather data? What type of information did they gather? How does this data inform our understanding of juvenile delinquency? (2 pages maximum)

Section 2 Theories of Juvenile Delinquency (20% of grade): How do theories of juvenile delinquency help us understand this phenomenon? Discuss how micro-level, macro-level, and critical theories can help us understand the changes taking place in the juvenile justice system in response to COVID-19. Be specific. (2 pages minimum)

Section 3 The Social Contexts of Juvenile Delinquency (20% of grade): Discuss the findings from this research. Reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on two of the following: families, schools, peers, or drug use. What conclusions might we draw from this new information? (2 pages minimum)

Section 4 Responses to Juvenile Delinquency (20% of grade): Describe the protocols or procedures that have been adopted in the juvenile justice system during COVID-19. Reflect on changes to two of following: policing of juveniles, juvenile court processing, juvenile corrections, delinquency prevention, or rehabilitative/restorative programming. How do these changes relate to information from the course? (2 pages minimum)

Section 5: – Future Directions (20% of grade): How can we apply this information right now, during COVID-19? How might we use this information to create new juvenile justice policy or processes in the future? What might we study to expand upon current knowledge of this topic? What do you think is the next logical step in understanding this subject? Give your overall assessment of this academic article. What did you like about it? What do you wish had been done differently? (2 pages maximum)

Your paper should be free from spelling and grammar errors, demonstrating college-level writing ability. I expect you to take some time to review and edit your paper prior to turning it in. Excessive errors will result in an automatic loss of 20%. Please seek out assistance at the campus writing center (Links to an external site.) if you need feedback or help with the writing component of this assignment. Citations should follow APA style guidelines. MLA style is an acceptable substitution if used consistently.

TERM: Fall 2020

JOURNAL: American Journal of Criminal Justice

AUTHOR(S): M. Buchanan, E.D. Castro, M. Kushner, and M.D. Krohn

TITLE: Its F**ing Chaos: COVID-19s Impact on Juvenile Justice Delinquency and Juvenile Justice

Reference no: EM132069492


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