The intersection of law, morality, and war

You may look at the legal or moral problems posed by either contemporary warfare in the nuclear age or
traditional warfare.  Is there a role for (U.S.) Constitutional law in war or in the resolution of disputes? Does
international law play a role? When is military intervention justified in the amelioration of, or end of, conflicts?
Is there a tension between those who would punish war crimes, especially since Nuremberg, and those who
hope to reconcile adversaries?
Religion and ideology play a major role in the ways people see war.  Eli Weisel wrote that God died in the eyes
of a young boy at Auschwitz.  In other words, how can we explain the existence of evil if there is divine
presence in the world?  What do our contemporaries think about this matter?  Countries always justify their
wars against enemies, but does morality have to play a role?  How do our readings in this course illuminate the
connections between law, morality, and war?


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