Theme Parks

Answers should be two paragraphs per question, and the total assignment should not be longer than two pages.  References can be indicated on a third page. 

Please choose a theme park that you know (anywhere in the world), and suggest a new concept that may enhance an existing theme parks image and compatibility in the market place.  The product could be a ride, an attraction, an entertainment program, a hotel, a restaurant, and any other related product. 

Please briefly answer the following questions (two paragraphs per question).

1. The theme parks name, location, and a website link.

2. Estimate the existing primary market: adults, children, males, females, Intellectual Property fans, etc.
Are there any specific local groups? domestic tourists? international tourists? certain age groups?
special interest groups?

3. In your opinion, what are the theme parks best attributes that will help you develop the new concept? For example, accessibility, cost, weather, employees hospitality and friendliness, personal
safety, and more.

4. Suggest a creative new concept to the park that will increase its reputation in the marketplace and
likely to enhance its revenue. Name the concept and suggest why you chose this name. 

5. Redefine the theme parks customer segmentation.  Using this new concept, who do you think the
theme park should attract, in addition to the core market? 

Reference no: EM132069492


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