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In this paper, you will consider all concepts and theories discussed up THROUGH WEEK 10 in the class and integrate them into one RESEARCH PAPER That demonstrates you understand the concepts and can link them together to show some deeper thinking about them. You will choose a company and spend the term researching it in relation to the research questions below. Your paper must include at least three diagrams, charts, or visual representations of related data or information.

The final paper should be a minimum of 4000 words long with 1-inch margins, double spaced, APA style. You must use at least eight external sources (in addition to your textbook) and include a reference list in proper APA citation format. The company website and Wikipedia do not count as external sources! This is a research paper, which means there should be an introduction and conclusion do not simply list each research question and answer! It needs to flow in a cohesive manner.

If you choose a large company, consider narrowing down your research to one specific division, product line, or portion of the overall company. The more specific and deep you can get, the better. Think creatively on your approach! If you have any questions about your focus, please ask me.

Answer ALL Research Questions:
1.    Provide an overview of your organizations products and stakeholders, and the forces in the specific and general environment that influence it. What do they make or what services do they provide? Which are the most important forces that the organization must deal with?
2.    How has COVID-19 influenced your organization? What changes or adjustments have been made, if any?
3.    What is the organizations hierarchical structure? Include the number of employees, CEOs locus of control, and how standardization, differentiation, and centralization impact the shape of the organization. Has the structure changed over time? Why or why not?
4.    Describe your organizations domain. Who are its main competitors? What core competencies give the organization a competitive advantage? Any disadvantages?
5.    What is the most innovative product, service, or strategy your company has employed to date? What were the results?
6.    How would you describe the organizations culture? How does the culture match its image? What improvements could be implemented?
7.    Has the organization ever shown any symptoms of decline? How did leadership respond to the problem(s)? What changes did they make? Did they turn the organization around?

Reference no: EM132069492


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