Let’s Assume You Live in the U.S. and You do not like the Color Orange: Investigations Assignment, NKU, US

Orange Is the New Green

[NOTE:  You are getting a sneak peek at your final paper assignment.  You can begin thinking about how you will complete this assignment.  The assignment will be available for submission during Module 7; feel free to begin working on it at any time.]

Throughout this course, we have learned about the statutes and regulations related to money.  We know that various BSA forms are required to be filed by financial institutions, business entities, and individuals.  We also understand there are specific activities that are supposed to be reported to the U.S. Government.  We also know that criminals are often motivated by greed and will create complex schemes to hide and conceal their illegal profits.  Terrorist organizations need to hide and conceal their financial activity to promote their hateful ideologies.  This assignment will only focus on the currency.

  • Are these laws and regulations sufficient to address criminal activity, transnational organized crime, and terrorist financing?
  • Is there too much burden placed on the financial institutions and are the privacy rights of citizens being protected?
  • Where is the fulcrum point balancing personal privacy while also protecting people from becoming victims of crime and terrorism?

As your final assessment, you will answer each of the above questions by considering the following facts and summarizing what financial information is required to be reported, ways to evade the reporting and provide recommendations about how to detect illegal financial transactions while minimizing the amount of personal information collected from law-abiding citizens.

Let’s assume you live in the U.S. and you do not like the color orange.  In fact, you feel so strongly about the color orange, you despise the idea that a country is named “Orangeland”.  Orangeland is a landlocked country surrounded by other modern countries on a continent that is not North America.  Although Orangeland has a sophisticated financial system, it does not permit the use of BitCoin or any other crypto-currency, and BitCoins cannot be purchased or sold in Orangland.

As you talk to your friends, you learn that you are not alone and many people hate orange.  Instead of attempting to lawfully change the county’s name to something not orange or consider that other people may actually like the color orange, you start raising money to fund weapons, travel, and efforts to promote violence in Orangeland until they change their name.

You have friends around the world but we will only consider your friends in the U.S.  They help you conduct fundraisers and over six months, you collect two million dollars in U.S. Currency ($500,000 is in $10 bills and $1,500,000 in $20 bills).  The $2M is in your apartment right now.

  • How do you get the money to Orangeland?
  • How do you purchase the weapons and get them to Orangeland?
  • How do you pay for travel and other logistics?
  • What BSA forms are required to be filed and how do you distance yourself from the money while still using it for your anti-orange cause?

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