We Produce a Range of Award-winning Cheese on the Family Farm, BóRuaFarm: Micro Business Assignment, UCC, Ireland

Assignment Details

This is an individual assignment. Please write a report based on the Micro Business Case Study that you have been supplied with, the theory discussed in class, and the report you have been given access to. Please make sure your report addresses ALL of the questions set out below. You will need to draw from the theory and research either discussed in class or theory and research that have been sourced by yourself elsewhere. I will need to see a link demonstrated between the theory/research and the actual entrepreneur that you have selected.

Q1. Please provide an introduction to the micro-business you have chosen from the case studies and some information as to where the business idea came from. Please refer to the following: Name, location, and size of the business. What is the owner’s background and how did this drive them towards setting up their own business? What is the core activity of the business?

Q2. Identify and define the key skills and traits (at least 3) that a successful Entrepreneur should possess operating in the Micro Business Sector and Link these skills to the company you have chosen. Identify, Define, and link.

Q3. What Entrepreneurial skills/traits can you identify within yourself (at least 3) that would enable you to pursue an interest or passion you have with the possibility of turning this interest into a micro business? Please use examples to elaborate. Identify skills & Traits & give examples

Q4. What does the future of Microbusiness look like in Ireland? Please refer to Future Growth & Ambition, the influence of technology, and barriers. Please refer to the “Micro Business in Ireland Report: From Ambition to Innovation and your own research.

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Case Study Background

Bo Rua Farm – Background

We produce a range of award-winning cheese on the family farm, BóRuaFarm, in County Cork using milk from our herd of Montbeliardeand Friesian cows, which are tended by my husband Tom. Named in honor of the rust-colouredMontbeliardes(BóRuais Irish for ‘Red Cow’), the cheese is made from March to October when the cows are out on pasture

Bo Rua Farm – Available Research

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  • Web Site
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  • Twitter

Western Herd – Background

  • We are a brother-sister team brewing beer the way nature intended.
  •  Our great, great, great, great, great, grandfather farmed the land where our brewery now stands.
  •  Every time we would visit the farm growing up we would think ‘if only we could bottle this’!!!
  •  We aspire to brew beers that embody the charm and character of this idyllic hilltop farm on the west coast of Ireland

Western Herd–Available Research

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