Topic: Food and Beverage operations

Restaurants are tough businesses to operate, even in the best of times — 60 percent fail within their first
year, and 80 percent within their first five. There are lots of reasons for that high failure rate: changing
consumer preferences; thin margins in the best of times; a workforce with a high turnover rate; the wrong
location; and in the era of smartphones and apps, a poor digital experience for consumers.
Now, restaurant owners have added another reason: the abrupt lack of consumer demand brought about
by COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus; the forced shuttering of restaurant dine-in
establishments across the world; and a work-from-home workforce that has all but eliminated the lunchtime
crowd for restaurants and hotels. The share of consumers dining at sit-down restaurants had declined 85.2
percent since the pandemic began, dropping 52.3 percent in the first 11 days. Thus far, that marks the largest
behavioural shift observed since the beginning of data recording. The same data set notes that traffic hasn’t
merely shifted to take-away — only 16 percent reported they were ordering in more to replace eating out.
Adapting, all agreed, is the only option open for restaurants and hotel restaurants today, other than closing.
They can’t change the crisis, the closures or the course this is going to take, but they can shift their operations
and can continue doing so long after this pandemic has passed.
Your task is to write an evaluative report (1500 words) which offers appropriate and realistic
recommendations on how hotel restaurants can adapt during the Covid-19 pandemic, considering both
the operator and customer point of view. Consider examples from restaurants and hotels that have adapted
their operation. What are they doing? How have they had to adapt? What additional action have they had
to implement? What does success look like? Provide a summary of the pandemic, specifically around the
relation to Food and Beverage operations. Consider international differences. Explore examples of best
practice, before summarising your findings and offering your recommendations.
You must present your report with a front page, this to include:
• The title of the report – Recommendations on how restaurants can adapt during the Covid-19
• Your name
• The module title: Food and Beverage Operations M4X01918
• Your lecturer’s name
Your report should also include a clear contents page. Be sure to reference your work according to the
University’s Harvard Referencing Guide.

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