Develop a community problem statement related to the trends from the disease you have selected.

Community Scholarly paper of AIDS
topics is about AIDS from 2007 2011 in Clayton County United State Georgia. All I need help is a paragraph with the letter F &G the impact of the disease in the community.
Community Assessment and Problem Statement
Nursing 3701
Health Illness Transitions II
1. HIT 2 requires a written paper on a topic of community health in any county in Metro Atlanta area. It can be any topic covered in this course but other topics must be approved by one of the professors in the course.
2. Some examples are: Lung cancer AIDS COPD or heart disease.
3. You may begin collecting health statistics / epidemiological data about the identified problem. You must collect both mortality and morbidity on this problem. You will need to use the Community Data Assessment Form on GA view. Community state and national data should be collected for a five year period of time. You may use any five year period of time but the data MUST remain consistent (i.e. use the same five years for county state and national data). Look for the most recent data.
4. Based upon your data you will then:
a. Identify any trends related to this disease state.
b. Develop a community problem statement related to the trends from the disease you have selected.
i. Support the problem with specific health statistical findings revealed from your assessment. Consider the following:
1. What did you find in the community assessment data collection that caused you to focus on this particular problem?
2. Remember that you need to compare county to state to nation and that a 5 year trend is important.
3. Tables may be used to easier clarify or describe statistics (should be set up as an appendix according to APA guidelines)
4. Develop a statement as to why this is a problem in the community you have identified
5. Are trends increasing / decreasing?
6. Is the health care cost substantial for the disease state?
7. Is a certain population at higher risk for development of the disease than others?
5. This is a formal paper developed with APA guidelines. Tables may be used and should be inserted as per the APA manual. A minimum of three scholarly references are required. Texts and consumer websites such as Wikipedia or Web MD are not scholarly references. Scholarly references must be less than five years old. Two references must be from a peer-reviewed nursing journal. Sources used for data collection are not considered scholarly references for purposes of the paper although they should still be referenced and cited appropriately.
6. The paper and supporting documentation (the data sheet) should be to your designated instructor on or before the due date in the course calendar. Submit a copy of the grading matrix and the CSU writing guidelines with the paper.
7. The maximum length for the paper is 3 written pages (not including the cover page references and tables). Papers that exceed this length will have points deducted. Grading will stop at the 3rd page.
8. Follow the grading matrix for specifics on areas however; the paper should include at a minimum the following information:
a. Demographics and information about the county
b. A description of the disease identified with corresponding mortality and morbidity (at the county state and national level)
c. A review of the disease including health care costs common treatments and pathophysiology of the disease
d. Data from five years at the national state and local level that is compared and trended appropriately
e. Summary of why the writer believes that this disease state is a problem in the community of interest
*f. Information related to how this disease state impacts the community of interest
*g. Information on the impact of the role of the RN as it relates to this community health problem
h. A minimum of three scholarly references other than text books consumer web sites or databases
i. Correct application of APA guidelines
j. Correct utilization of scholarly writing / professional writing (grammar spelling issues)
9. Students that are unfamiliar with utilization of APA guidelines the CSU writing criteria or who believe that they may have problems with writing are encouraged to set up an appointment with the writing center in the Center for Academic Success.
10. Utilization of plagiarism detection devices may be used for grading of this paper.
11. Late papers will have a point deduction of five points per day for every day that they are late. This late point deduction is applied for weekends and holidays. Papers will not be accepted after three days have elapsed.
12. All students are required to submit the community health paper. Failure to do so would lead the student to not meet the community health objectives of the course and will result in a failing grade regardless of exam average.
13. Some helpful resources that you may utilize when researching your data include:


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