Human science theory

Scholarly writing will assess students’ ability to apply a human science theory in the care of a specific client from the following video. It is expected that students will discuss at least two levels of Benner’s skill acquisition displayed and the impact on nursing care. This is the video you will be writing your scholarly paper assignment 2 about. it is titled “Milestones: End of Life Care in Acute Hospitals”. 1. You will be provided with a specific story/scenario/video and asked to prepare an essay discussing how one of the four Human Science theories (Nightingale, Watson, Paterson and Zderad, Parse) and nursing skill acquisition relate to the story. 2. You will be required to specifically reference theorists and resources that support your discussion and provide concrete examples, using the specific language of the theory. ***THE INSTRUCTIONS AND RUBRIC ARE ATTACHED AS A FILE…I will provide additional materials soon***

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