The Affordable Care Act and hospital systems

A1. The Affordable Care Act holds a provision that hospital systems complete a community health assessment and consequently, develop a strategy to address community health needs. Drawing on Mason et al. Chapters 11 and 77, what potential do you feel this holds to improve community health and how might this relate to nursings’ role – please give one specific hypothetical example (one paragraph). Please cite the textbook. A2. Epidemiological and demographic data can tell us much about the reality of a community. Based on a review/use of the epidemiology resources listed, please describe one health reality that you were not previously aware of that became apparent to you from reviewing data found in a source given in the following list (please provide the data and cite the source, including URL). Then briefly propose one possible policy intervention to address this health issue that you would be interested in learning more about (one paragraph). International Health Statistics ( World Health Organization): National Center for Health Statistics: Fast Stats: CDC Wonder: State and Territorial Data: Environmental Public Health Tracking (CDC): Toxic Release Inventory: EPA data: overview of sources: Environmental Justice Mapping: Robert Wood Johnson County Health Rankings: NJ State Health Assessment Data (NJ SHAD): NJ SHAD Community Health Assessment Data:* NJ SHAD Mortality rates for Municipalities (including Paterson): NJ SHAD homepage NJ Healthy People 2020 – Benchmarks and Data: NJ Cancer Registry: US Census: NJ Center for Health Statistics:



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