Ecology and the environment

  1. Define ecological restoration, reintroduction, and rewilding. (2 pts)
  2. Briefly describe how the goals and history of rewilding differ between Europe and North America. How might other countries/continents address rewilding? (3 pts)
  3. How has the Anthropocene changed the way researchers think about restoration and rewilding? (2 pts)
  4. When conserving or reintroducing species there are tradeoffs. In an ecosystem where both a specialist species with a unique ecological function and a generalist species with a common ecological function are at risk of extinction, which should wildlife managers choose to conserve and why? (2 pts)
  5. What is one challenges that a species may face when they are reintroduced to their previous native range? And what is a challenge they may face when released outside of the native range? (2 pts)
  6. What are the arguments for and against sustained intervention? How does this fit into the ideas of restoration and rewilding? (3 pts)
  7. What are some intervention strategies we can used to maintain biodiversity and ecosystem function? (2 pts)
  8. What two things does Cortlett identify as important to the success of efforts to reconcile people and nature? Provide a description of each. (2 pts)
  9. Write out the citation for this journal article using the format of the Journal Ecology. (2 pts)

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