Communicating in the Workplace Blog Entry

Write a 700- to 1,050-word blog entry on PhoenixConnect or in a Word document. Imagine the blog is directed to an audience of business colleagues and peers in your industry.


Include the following in your blog entry. These topics are covered in the Week 2 textbook chapters.


  • A discussion of a time where you were a victim of information overload during a business presentation and how the presenter could have restructured the presentation to avoid the overload situation. If you do not have an example to draw from, discuss “how to” techniques used to prevent information overload.
  • A discussion on how the design elements of consistency, balance, restraint, and detail are even more crucial in an electronic or mobile setting (These are design elements for electronic messages.)
  • A discussion of your current proofreading process and the strategies you will employ from the textbook to improve your overall proofreading process
  • An application of specific strategies for adapting to your audience using best standards in business communication
  • An examination of specific strategies for better listening when working with a team in a business setting


Click on the Grading Rubric to the right to see how your assignment will be graded.


Submit a Word document with a link to your blog post or a Word document containing your blog post.


APA Basic Template.doc


Note: To create a blog in PhoenixConnect, log onto PhoenixConnect and click on your personal profile. From the top navigation, select Content, then scroll down on the right-hand side to Blog Posts. From there, click create a personal blog or write a blog post if you have already created a personal blog.


Extra Tips from the Professor:


The purpose of this assignment is to practice blogging! Blogging is basically free publishing on the internet, and, like social media, it is an important communication tool for businesses today.


When you are ready to write your Week 2 assignment, you can write it as a blog post on Phoenix Connect and just submit a Word document with a link to your blog post.


If you prefer not to post your Week 2 assignment as a real blog, then just write your paragraphs in a Word document using the APA Template provided above. Either way is fine!


More Tips:


Divide the word count of 700-1,000 by five and give roughly equal time to the five required topics above (one paragraph per topic).


Write your blog post entirely in your own words without copying or quoting sources. As always, the goal is to show what you have learned in ENG 135 from the reading assignments and other learning activities this week.


Please let me know if you have questions and good luck!


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