Government Agencies and Elected Officials

1) Name, political party, years as president.

2) What was happening in history during this president’s term(s) that they had to deal with?

3) What was this president known for? Or what were the controversies or interesting stories about this president?

4) Did you know any of this before you did the research? Did anything surprise you?

5) What are your personal impressions of this president? Do you think you would have voted for them?

6) Where did you find this information? Provide your various sources.

If you choose a bureaucratic agency to profile, answer the following questions.

Go to and look for a large federal agency. Click on Government Agencies and Elected Officials, then click on A-Z Index of US Government Department and Agencies.

1) Name of Agency, if a sub-agency provide the name of the larger agency (for example, the Bureau of Land Management is part of the Department of the Interior).

2) Provide the official website of the agency.

3) Who is the head of the agency? What is their name and title?

4) What is the mission statement (main purpose) of the agency. Look around the website and provide a review of how easy or difficult it is to navigate. Can you easily find what they do, or who to contact, or whether they are hiring?

5) In your own words, explain to the class what this agency is and what they do.

6) What did you find interesting, or what did you find out about this agency that you didn’t know about before?

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