Demographic Transition Theory

  1. Identify the authors’ reasons given to explain why immigration has become a major public policy issue in the United States.
  2. Two theories of population growth and population flow are the Demographic
    Transition Theory and Theories of Factors Behind Global Migration. Explain and
    discuss Demographic Transition Theory and Factors Behind Global Migration
    proposed by Joseph J. Splengler, Everette Lee, David Heer and the structuralist.
  3. Identify, compare and contrast the four (4) distinct periods [except the Trump Administration] in US immigration history. What were the defining characteristics of each period? What major laws were put in place for each period? What impact did each law have on individuals and families within that period?
  4. What would characterize the hallmark of the Trump Administration immigration policies. What was the nature of the relationship between the Administration and the Congress as evidenced by their policies? Provide an abundance of examples

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