Discuss the effects of integrating a community health fair to improve population health.



The research proposal:

Throughout this course, you will work toward completion of a research proposal in your field of study. Although you will not formally implement your project/proposal, you will complete the steps of the research process with the intent of conducting your research in the future.

Note that this proposal/project should follow the educational model of research. Projects should be focused on enacting change in nurse leadership and may not be directly correlated with patient care, and therefore, the guidelines for this project are not in PICOT format. However, if you do choose a topic that relates to patient care, please work with your instructor to formulate your research into PICOT format.


Your research proposal can be focused on enacting change, but it may also be theoretical in nature. The research proposal is a scholarly endeavor and must be of a quality appropriate for master’s level study. You may choose any topic relevant to nurse leadership and deemed suitable by your instructor.

Scholarship is expected in the creation of your culminating project. This includes attention to historical, legal, clinical, basic scientific, ethical, and other factors that are appropriate to the topic, context, and type of project. APA-formatted scholarly references and citations from peer-reviewed literature are required in this project.

The research will be explored through hypothetical data collection and analysis. The proposal should be written in research format, and it is expected that it will be ready for submission to a publication if so desired. It is not a requirement for your degree that your proposal be published.

All of the activities/assignments completed throughout this first culminating course will help you to put your final proposal together by the end of the second culminating experience course. During that course, you will also set up a professional profile on LinkedIn to showcase your skills in a professional portfolio format.

Although you do not have an official assignment due this week, it is important that you identify your topic by next week. Please use this week to brainstorm a list of research ideas for study.

Some ideas for proposals/projects and their subsequent requirements are presented in the table below. Keep in mind that your proposal will follow educational research format:

Research Project With Proposed Solution or Change (Nurse Leadership related)


Improving a work flow process or minimizing adverse events with technology implementation (informatics)

The perceived benefit of staff education/training (e.g., emotional intelligence training for all staff or staff leaders)

Effects of integrating a community health fair to improve population health

Perform staffing and care delivery plan analysis (e.g., should the charge nurse have the same patient load?)

Creating a healthy work environment by implementing anti-bullying measures

Your proposal/project should include the following:

Problem identification

Purpose of the project and research question(s)

Literature review

Theoretical or conceptual framework

Predicted results, outcomes, and variables

Ethical considerations

Implications, assumptions, and limitations

Methodology for proposed research implementation with a foundation for data collection

Evaluation plan

Keep in mind that this is not intended to be implemented at this time; therefore, you will not actually collect data. You will make predictions and assumptions based on your research questions, your review of the literature, and your proposed methodology. Projects/proposals will vary based on the topic chosen. Please choose something relevant to your field of study and your career path with the intent to build on the project for full implementation at a later date.

Your proposal/project is due Week 7 of Session B. You will be working on drafts throughout the course. You must review your instructor’s feedback and edit your drafts before the final submission. Your proposal should be 30 to 40 pages in length by the end of Session B.

Topic Chosen unless you have better ideas we can do that instead:

Effects of Integrating a community health fair to improve population health

The paper due for tomorrow

This week, submit a 1–2 page problem identification and description of the project you have chosen for your culminating project that includes:

A cover page

A title and abstract: 150–200 words describing the project

A problem statement, problem identification, or purpose of the project: Provide a concise statement of the problem, need, or questions being investigated. Give a clear and explicit statement of the problem, including the target population and background information relative to the specific problem. Include 1–2 research questions that you will explore within your research.

A preliminary review of the literature: List, reference, and summarize 3–4 peer-reviewed sources that support your identified project and the need for change, the issue at hand, or the need for further research. Be sure that the data supports the need for investigation or change and that your problem is not one that has already been widely solved.

You will have opportunities to refine your problem statements and research questions throughout this course. Be sure to review your instructor’s feedback.

Rubric is attached for this weeks paper

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