Radio frequency (RF) communication systems

Radio frequency (RF) communication systems rely heavily on the use of active RF elements to transmit and receive packets of information. Topic is review of active RF components such as Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), High Power Amplifier (HPA), and Variable gain amplifier (VGA). Your report should provide a detailed review of the active devices mentioned. It should describe what these devices are, why they are needed in RF communications, and how they operate. This review should also include the process of designing these components and provide examples of these devices available to consumers.

How to find the material: (i) Text and reference books

(ii) IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, and IEEE MTT-Society’s International Microwave Symposium (IMS) Proceedings, etc. (SDSU library has access to IEEE Explorer where you can access research papers)

(iii) Microwave Magazine (available online:

General Content of the Report: Report should consist of around 8 pages including figures of reasonable size.


Use single spacing and font size 12 (Times New Roman).

This is just a guidelines.

a. Title, Team Members

b. Abstract (around 100 words)

c. Introduction (One Page)

d. Literature Review (0.5 page)

e. Theory and Design Methodology (One page)

f. Design Examples (significant reported results) (four pages)

g. Recommendation and Conclusion (0.5 page)

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