Annoted bibliography

Now that you have read and studied more than half of the text chapters and completed the related
assignments, what questions and ideas do you have in mind to consider as possible topics for your annotated
bibliography? Although that bibliography won’t be due until the end of the course, your proposal is to be
developed in this module so that you will have ample time to locate appropriate information sources. Certainly,
there are numerous possible topics presented in your text. There are others, as well. Here are some examples:
Is chocolate good for your brain?
If you exercise, are you more apt to eat more nutritiously?
Can you avoid memory loss with exercise and a nutritious diet?
Is there a relationship between the amount you sleep and your weight gain?
What are the pros and cons of genetically engineered foods?
Why are there so many contradictory nutrition studies?
As a first step, carefully read and consider the information in Module 7 about the annotated bibliography.
Regardless of the topic you choose, you must receive your tutor’s approval. Your proposal must include your
topic (stated as a question); your rationale for selecting it; two of the sources you plan to use; and a welldeveloped annotation for each of the two sources. The assignment information in Module 7 provides helpful
links to follow when writing your annotations.

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