Physical and Mental Health.

Physical and Mental Health. This means that your news article highlight that issue. For the reaction papers, you must find a news story either from a magazine, newspaper, television, or from the internet that relates to a social problem discussed in your text. First, you must provide a brief summary of the news story or article, then you should discuss your attitude or feelings towards the article or news story, then explain how this particular article or news story relates to the specific issue and social problem covered in your text. Please note: your news article must be current (no more than a month old) and relate to the specific readings for that week (e.g., week two discusses family and related issues; therefore, your article should be related to that issue). Remember, all magazine, newspaper, television, or internet sources must be correctly cited using the American Psychological Association (APA) method. Moreover, all writing assignments must confirm—in terms of structure and content—to the APA method. This means that you must cite all of your sources using the APA method including your reference page. Please note: do not use any contractions; one point will be deducted for every contraction used. No use of “you,” or “your,” or rhetorical questions. Additionally, you must provide the link for each article. All writing assignment will be graded for thoughtfulness, mechanics: grammar, spelling, sentence structure, accurate application of theories and concepts, highlighting the larger social problem in relations to the new article, level of analysis and organization and structure. Your writings must demonstrate creativity and critical thinking. Please note: Do not retell the news story; a brief summary of the news story is all I am interested in. I am far more interested in you connecting the news story you selected to the larger social problem discussed in your text that your news story highlighted. In other words, connect your news story to the text. Please note, I did not provide the entire paper, just the introduction and the section where the student nicely connected her/his news article to the text. Notice how this student explicitly stated the social problem up front in the first sentence of the introduction. The student also stated the name of the author of the news story, the source of the news story (The New York Times), and what the article was about in relations to the problem they would be discussing. Reminder, this is only an excerpt of the student’s paper; I did not include the student’s summarization of the news article, nor the conclusion. Use this as an example of how your paper should look like. This is not a perfect paper, as you can see some of the language are a bit casual for an academic assignment, which you should avoid, but it met the assignment objectives and it is structurally sound.

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