Topic: The Federal system to recognize treaty federalism in Canada

The Research Paper is an argumentative essay that identifies an important issue with a Canadian political institution and how a specific reform may or may not mitigate the problem. The paper can argue for or against the reform option depending on how the benefits and risks for the targetedinstitution and/or other institutions stack up against each other. The institution can be any covered as one of the weekly topics for the course. Some examples include whether Canada should reform…• the electoral system to switch from FPTP to another system?• the Senate to adopt a triple-E Senate or more formal guidelines for the Independent Senate Advisory Board?• the House of Commons to address issues of gender?• the federal system to recognize treaty federalism?The paper must include 6 relevant academic sources beyond the textbook, feature a thesis statement that ties the entire paper together, and demonstrate a strong understanding of the chosen topic. The paper will be evaluated based on balance and the appreciation of the appropriate counterarguments, clear organization and coherence, and spelling and grammar. To help with organization, papers should answer these 3 questions:• What is the main issue with the institution and what is the case for reform?• What reform should Canada adopt for the targeted institution and why?• What are the implications of the reform for the institution? How might the reform alter the logic of the institution and impact other Canadian political institutions?The Paper Proposal outlines the plan for the upcoming Research Paper. It engages the five components of critical thinking (explanation, evidence, evaluation of context and assumptions, analytical argument/thesis, and developing a conclusion and possible implications) by addressing the following:• Briefly explain the institution and issue identified• Briefly evaluate possible sources for evidence and potential bias: propose 3 sources and explain why they are useful to the project, whether there is any bias, and if the source reflects a particular context that shapes its questions or findings.• Propose a preliminary thesis or argument and how it might be supported, including a possibleoutline in bullet form• Briefly consider the consequences of the thesis/argument (i.e. think of what it means for the institution being reformed or other Canadian political institutions).Subject: LawType of Assignment: Research paperPages: 8/2200get essay writerThe post Topic: The Federal system to recognize treaty federalism in Canada appeared first on BoomEssayWriters.

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