Write an Op-Ed article describing what you think is a good solution to California

Write an Op-Ed article describing what you think is a good solution to California’s diminishing water supply. You can choose from the following options: 1. Desalination plants 2. Wastewater recycling 3. Gray water/purple pipe usage 4. Stricter water usage rules (be specific about how strict – zero outdoor irrigation? Limited hours? Police enforcement/fines? Requirements for appliances?) It’s likely that California’s solution will be a combination of at least some of these. For this assignment, choose one you think will make the biggest impact, or one you’d like to see implemented soon. If there is some alternative option you would prefer to write about, please talk to me about the possibility of using that instead. You may also write an opposition letter to any of those possible solutions. For example, if you strongly oppose wastewater recycling, you could argue against it in your letter. Your article should be concise and about 1 page in length (400-600 words). Your audience should be a general, educated public that would read reliable news sources. It should include the following information: 1. State the problem that needs to be solved and why it needs to be solved – why should we care? 2. State your opinion of the best solution to the problem (or the worst solution if you’re choosing to oppose something). 3. Explain your argument for why you think it’s a good/bad choice. This should include at least 3 supporting facts or pieces of evidence. These could be some statistical measurements of effectiveness, comparison with other regions that have followed the same path, facts about other alternatives you don’t think are as effective, information the economic impact, results of past studies, quotes from experts, etc… 4. References – newspapers would fact check your articles, so I will too. Please document your sources. References should be cited within the article (whatever style you choose), and there should be references list at the end of your article. References should be from a reliable source. Use quotes sparingly. This is an opinion piece so your voice should be used as much as possible. Do not just copy and paste information from your sources and put quotes around it. That does not count as you writing the article.AttachmentsClick Here To Download  The post Write an Op-Ed appeared first on AssignmentHub.

The post Write an Op-Ed article describing what you think is a good solution to California appeared first on Template.

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