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Opportunity Findings by Magic SolutionsWeek 1 Establishing groupGroup members: Brandon Jagroop, Nitan Sharma, Masiha Nouri, Anna Lieskova, AileenCauinian, Cheska JacolbiaGroup name: Magic Solutions1. Action: What’s not workinga. Identify what is not working (Have to use mind map to show our findings)Mindmap Makerb. What are up to four things that are not working that your idea … Continue reading “Magic Solutions | My Assignment Tutor”

Opportunity Findings by Magic SolutionsWeek 1 Establishing groupGroup members: Brandon Jagroop, Nitan Sharma, Masiha Nouri, Anna Lieskova, AileenCauinian, Cheska JacolbiaGroup name: Magic Solutions1. Action: What’s not workinga. Identify what is not working (Have to use mind map to show our findings)Mindmap Makerb. What are up to four things that are not working that your idea must do or beto be successful and work better (this is your idea criteria assessment)?This will be the criteria by which you will assess your final idea.● Must help increase time efficiency● Must be cost effective● Must be convenient and easier to use● Must be safer to use2. Action: Research Support:a. How can you prove that your situation is not working as well as it couldand that the needs of the end users are not being metWe noticed that after using a juice maker machine, it is very inconvenient toclean it afterwards. Removing the parts is a hassle and it is highly likely to be injuredfrom its sharp blades. Manual cleaning of the machine does not guarantee thecleanliness it requires to maintain its quality as time passes by. In addition, cleanliness ofthe machine can also ensure the safety of the juice from contamination, andcross-contamination especially for people with certain food allergies.b. How did your group come to uncover this opportunity?We came up with the idea of using the machine to clean itself. Nowadays, peopletend to rely mostly on technology or on machines that are easy to use. This idea camefrom observing how a washing machine works. It’s spinning movements clean clothes aswell as the machine itself. By optimizing the juice maker, we can take advantage of it’shigh speed motion to circulate the water and organic detergent tablet inside themachine. To optimize it further, the mixture will flow through the same passage as wherethe juice comes out. This way, it will clean that part as well automatically. And of course,like any other washing methods, rinsing is required. To do this, the user simply justneeds to add plain water without the organic detergent tablet and start the machine.3. Action:a. Capture all of the foregoing in a one page printed summary.b. I must review and agree with your work before you can move forward.Note: I will be reviewing your “what’s not working” idea based on a practicalbusiness situation like you might see on Dragons Den. These criteria willinclude the following:1. Demonstrate that what is not working in the product or service is a true unmetneed in the marketplace.Likewise stated above, this added cleaning part installed in the machine would be convenientfor users as well as it is safer since handling the blades is not necessary when cleaning.2. Demonstrate that this unmet need does not yet have any existing solution inthe marketplace.There are some products in the market that demonstrate this existing solution, however for theproducts in the market to completely clean itself you must disassemble the juicer. This is whereour product meets an unmet solution in the marketplace.3. If you were to remedy this unmet need you could actually do it, yourselves, asa group.This can be done as a group because 3 people may need to do the programming for the selfclean juicer and another 3 people may need to make the actual juice maker with the self cleanbutton.4. If you were to remedy this unmet need the ideas to do so could be completedfor under $25,000.Yes, if we were able to find someone where the cost for goods is low.5. Generally, a reasonable business case could be made to explore this unmetneed and look for a remedy.The research and development process includes taking short surveys from local consumers inOntario, primarily in the age ranges of 24-45. This age range is ideal as most young adults arebecoming more health conscious as to what they’re putting into their bodies. On the contrary,these individuals tend to be more lazy and don’t hand wash their juicers after use. Another wayto inquire about the need for this product is to visit stores that sell similar products (i.eboosterjuice, bubble tea) to ask about the process of which they clean their machinery. The demand fora self cleaning juicer can easily be sold and implemented into new stores to increase efficiencyand wait times . These self-cleaning juicer will be very attractive for resale to anyone in the foodand nutrition industry as they are useful and more innovative to encourage the stigma forhealthy living.Week Two: Ideate and Develop your Innovative Solution1. Restate your Opportunity Challenge StatementBecause fruit juicers are hard to clean, there should be an internal cleaningprocess that washes and sanitizes the machine after use.2. Ideate to Identify Three Innovative IdeasWhat are the core creative tools, techniques and processes that you have learned that youcould use to get additional ideas to resolve the situation that is not working as well as it could.a. Start with your Challenge Statement that you have identified above.b. Consider all of the tools, processes that we have covered throughout theterm. Select one tool that you think is best to come up with additional ideas inresponse to your Challenge Statement. You should come up with at least 40new ideas. Note, I must observe you applying the creativity tool. Youwill be assessed on your ability to select the right tool and the properuse of it.c. Examples of creative toolsi. Creative Flow’ ii.Ideationiii.iv.v.MindmappingSolve It!Creative Problem Solvingvi.Curiosity Adventurevii.Random Word d. There should be a two-step converge stage.i. Converge step one-Votes: Eachperson (excluding the facilitator) has between 6 and 9 votes (youdecide how many based on the number of ideas) on all of the ideasthat you have come up with. The Facilitator identifies the top threeideas based on the number of votes. Remember that your originalidea is carried forward as one of the three ideas.ii. Converge step two- Criteria BasedAssessment- Using the Criteria Based Assessment Matrix sheet:1. Write in your top three ideas on the top of the matrix2. Write in your assessment criteria on the left hand column.The assessment criteria are the critical things that your ideamust do or be to resolve what is not working. You capturedthese last week in item 1 (b).3. Rate each of the ideas on a rating of 0 to 5. Total thescores for each of your three ideas. Use this information todetermine the best idea. Note that this assessment is only aguide and you can pick an idea that does not have the highestscore.e. Write out your best idea.3. Power Up Your Ideai. Working with your best idea, consider all of the tools and techniques that you learned andselect one tool that you think is the best one to power up and blow up your idea to be all that itcan truly be.ii. Come up with at least 20 to 30 ideas that will make your idea more creative and innovative.● Solar Powered● Eco-friendly● Hand-carry● Various sizes available● Rechargeable● Neon lights for added aesthetic appeal● Bluetooth powered● Polycarbonate glass (harder to break)● Battery powered● Cordless machine● Built-in juice cooler● Fruit scanner● Motion Sensor● Touch screen● Built-in measuring scale● Glow in the dark● Can be connected to google mini or Alexa● Built-in thermometeriii. Undertake a one-step converge as outline above to identify your top five ideas.iv. Now, build your solution by writing it out with all of the ideas; by drawing or designing how itwould look so that it becomes fully alive.v. Do a strengths and weaknesses of the idea, with remedial ideas to resolve the weaknessesBriefly, how might you implement this idea



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