Course: BA (Hons) Business Management  – November  2020 intake  Module: BUSINESS DECISION MAKING – BA4008QA Assessment One (Individual Coursework) Worth 30% of the module mark     Deadline: submitted online via Turnitin before 3pm on Tuesday 09th April 2021   All the 5 tasks must be attempted and you should present your answer in one … Continue reading “BUSINESS DECISION MAKING – BA4008QA | My Assignment Tutor”

Course: BA (Hons) Business Management  – November  2020 intake  Module: BUSINESS DECISION MAKING – BA4008QA Assessment One (Individual Coursework) Worth 30% of the module mark     Deadline: submitted online via Turnitin before 3pm on Tuesday 09th April 2021   All the 5 tasks must be attempted and you should present your answer in one WORD document. ————————————————————————————————————————————————– Task 1: Ungrouped Descriptive Statistics [20 marks] To gain some insights into the typical age of UK Netflix viewers, a sample of 120  subscribers was surveyed in Feb 2021. Some descriptive statistics, computed to summarize the data, are presented in Table A below. NB: Some values are missing. Table 1 – Ungrouped Descriptive Statistics UK Netflix Viewer AgeMean Standard Error1.5Median43.0Mode43.0Sample Standard Deviation Sample Variance163.4Kurtosis-1.3Skewness-2.5Range65MinimumMaximum80Sum4702Count Coefficient of Variation    Required for Task 1 (Comments for task 1 should not exceed 200 words in total.) With reference to Table 1 above and using a calculator, find:the mean,the rangethe standard deviation,the coefficient of variation and interpret each of these four  values in the context of the scenario provided. You should also provide a detailed explanation of how you calculate these 4 statistics. Give all answers correct to 1 decimal place Compare the mean and the median values and comment on the distribution of the data. Task 2: Grouped Descriptive Statistics [25 marks] It was suggested that the UK Netflix sample data could also be summarized in a grouped table. This table has been made available on weblearn as the Excel file named “ BA4008QA DATA Feb 21” under the tab labelled Task 2. Provide all answers correct to 1 decimal place. Table 2 – Grouped Frequency Distribution     Age CategoryFrequencyUnder 25925 to 342735 to 443045 to 542455 and over30Total Count120 Required for Task 2 (Comments for task 2 should not exceed 100 words in total.) Using the frequency table above as a starting point and the tabular method for summarising grouped data, construct two tables in Excel.The first table should showthe percentage frequencies,cumulative frequencies andcumulative percentage frequencies.The second table should be constructed to estimate :the mean and standard deviation. You must show all your workings correct to 1 decimal place in tabular form and you need to copy the Excel output (2 tables) into your Word document. By comparing the mean and standard deviation values from task 1 and task 2  comment on which findings are more accurate  –   the ungrouped or grouped statistics? Justify your answer.Using Linear interpolation and showing your workings clearly , calculate an estimate for the median age of viewers. Give your answer correct to 1 decimal place.Using Excel, construct a cumulative frequency curve, labelling your graph correctly.          You need to copy the correctly labelled graph into your Word document. —————————————————————————————————————- Task 3: Relationships [25 marks] To complete task 3, refer to the data provided under the tab labelled “Task 3” in the “BA4008QA DATA Feb 21” Excel file. Required for Task 3 (Comments for task 3 should not exceed 150 words in total.) .Create a scatter graph by plotting Job Separation Probabilities against the ‘best’ predictor.  Label your graph correctly and show the regression line, its equation and the coefficient of determination on the graph itself. Copy the correctly labelled graph into your Word file.State the regression equation in context and interpret the intercept and gradient Task 4: Networking [20 marks] A maintenance project consists of following activities, as outlined in the table below. Table 3 – Precedence Table ActivityPreceding activityDuration (weeks)A…5BA4CA5DB6EC3FD,E4 Required for Task 4 (Comments for task 4 should not exceed 50 words in total.) your network diagram in Excel or Word. The network diagram needs to be copied into your Word file. Task 5 [10 marks] This task requires reflection to provide insights into the process and quality of personal learning. Your reflection should focus on your actions, motivations and emotions and should analyse what changes will be made to practice in light of experiences, feedback and reflection. A good reflection will help you understand what, why and how you learn. NB: You should not comment on the theories of reflection. You should also not evaluate teaching or the module for this exercise. Required for Task 5 (Comments for task 5 should not exceed 150 words in total.) What do you think you did particularly well in this assignment?What was the most challenging aspect of this coursework and why was this the case?What would you do differently next time? The deadline to submit this coursework is Tuesday 09th April 2021 before 3pm via Turnitin. The submission link on Turnitin will open 2 weeks before the submission date. Guidelines and Instructions – All Tasks (Further instructions will be provided on WebLearn) This individual coursework consists of five tasks. You must attempt and complete all tasks. For tasks 2 and 3, you need to download the “BA4008QA DATA Feb 21” Excel file from WebLearn. Task 5 requires a short reflective commentary. Tasks need to be clearly labelled in your submission. Start each task on a fresh page  Tables and graphs should be numbered and titled. For task 1, you need to calculate the 5 missing values (mean, standard deviation, Minimum, Count  and coefficient of variation) using a calculator and provide an explanation on how you reach these  statistics. Also provide  short comments on the findings. For task 2, you need to complete two tables in Excel. The first should show  percentage frequencies, cumulative frequencies and percentage cumulative frequencies. The second is used to find the mean and  standard deviation.  An appropriate graph, with an informative title and axis labels, needs to be constructed Linear interpolation must be used to find median. Short comments need to be provided. For task 3, you need to use an appropriate Excel function to create a correlation matrix to show the relationship coefficients between all relevant variables. The best predictor of the Job Separation Probability is identified and the reason for its selection is justified. A titled, well‐ labelled scatter graph, with the trend, regression equation and coefficient of determination, is presented. The relationship and the various coefficients should be explained in context. Task 4 requires the construction of a network diagram to reveal the project’s critical path and duration. The difference between critical and non‐critical activities is discussed. Task 5 requires a short, reflective commentary. Required Excel output, i.e. tables and graphs, need to be copied into your Word document and presented alongside the comments. Comment on the facts only: avoid speculations and generalisations. Comments must be supported by the evidence. For tasks 1 to 4, adopt a formal, professional language (third person, impersonal) and avoid the use of ‘I’, ‘you’, ‘we’, ‘my’, etc. 5.         The word limit for this coursework is 650 words in total. (± 10% above or below the word limit is allowed ) Interpretations should be written in your own words. Work copied directly from lecture notes, or other sources, will have marks deducted and / or will be referred (also see point 7 below). This is an individual assignment. Where Academic Misconduct, such as collusion, plagiarism or cheating, is suspected, your coursework mark will be reduced proportionate to the extent of the misconduct identified, however, more severe penalties are possible. Cases are referred to the Casework Office and substantiated Academic Misconduct will be recorded on the student’s record. This is a Turnitin  submission. The deadline for this coursework is  Tuesday 13th April 2021 before 3pm. All output must be saved as a single Word document and uploaded to WebLearn on Turnitin.  Instructions on how to submit your work will be provided   during lectures. The submitted coursework should include a cover page (see Weblearn)  with your student number. You are advised to keep a copy of all work submitted. Assessment Criteria For all tasks, you are required to correctly calculate relevant statistics, analyse the data and provide /demonstrate: Clear interpretations of all statistical analyses (do not just state the values but show your workings and comment on what the values imply without speculating, where required);Graphs and tables with informative titles and appropriate labelling;Accurate calculations where required (equations are stated in the context of the data);Comments written in the context of the meaning of the data or analysis;Appropriate use of Excel functions, as evidenced by the output. NB: This is a quantitative assessment and, as such, coursework marks can range from 0% to 100%.   MarksGrade70-100A60-69B50-59C40-49D30-39F1 (can be Condoned Pass)0-29Fail                                                                                                                                                                                                QA 09/03/21 MLAV

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