I live in Lynn, MA, use Elliot Health Care. There is no specific length for this

I live in Lynn, MA, use Elliot Health Care. There is no specific length for this assignment but I set it at 5 pages. Please contact me if you need further resources
Review the North Shore/Cape Ann Community Resource Manual 2018 and choose an agency or organization that provides either crisis intervention or prevention services to the residents in your community (the town or city where you live). Reminder: You may NOT use a crisis hotline such as The Good Samaritans (Suicide hotline), HAWC (domestic violence hotline), or hotlines for any one of the many rape crisis centers in the area…hotlines are set up and staffed for emergency calls, not to provide information to students in a crisis intervention class. If you choose an agency with a hotline service, you may NOT call the hotline . If you choose a police or fire agency or any other emergency service agency, you MUST NOT call their emergency line! Answer the question below in numbered format, using full and complete sentences. Make sure you review the grading rubric for this assignment BEFORE you complete it and hand it in. 1. What is the name of the agency you choose? 2. Where is the agency located?
3. How long has the agency been in existence? Provide a brief overview or summary of the history of this organization. 4. Summarize the services provided by this agency. Do not just cut and paste from their website. This should primarily be in your own words. If you do use information from a source, make sure you cite the source and use quotation marks if it’s a direct quote. 5. Is this agency providing crisis prevention or intervention services or both? Explain your answer. 6. What is the URL for their website?
7. In your view does the website provide viewers with adequate information related to their services? Summarize one positive or effective aspect or feature of the website. Summarize or highlight one suggestion that would improve the website. 8. Provide an overview or summary of the demographics (age, income, race, gender etc…) and social situational factors that the clients or community members are dealing with, which requires assistance from this agency. 9. Contact the agency to talk with an employee or volunteer, in order to answer the following questions. Make sure you explain you are calling from NSCC and conducting research for your course on Crisis Intervention. Ask is there is an employee who can spare a few minutes to answer a few questions related to employment and volunteers. a. Approximately how many full and part time employees are employed by the agency?
b. Can this person provide you with an overview or estimate of how many people are provided services by this agency on an annual (yearly) basis?
c. Does the agency allow volunteers to assist them with their work?
d. If so, what types or duties and functions are completed by volunteers?
e. What is their process for screening and training volunteers?
f. Is there a minimum number of hours or commitment required for volunteers?
g. Make sure you get the name (first and last) of the person you speak with, as well as their title. 10. In your opinion, is this agency providing a necessary service within your community? Explain your answer. 11. Review the grading rubric for this assignment, cut and paste the rubric to the end of your assignment and complete a self- assessment of your work by grading your work and filling in the rubric with the scores you think you earned for each grading category. Then hand it in by the due date.

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