Instructions Please answer each question as thoroughly as possible. Use specific

Please answer each question as thoroughly as possible. Use specific citations and examples from the readings to inform your answers. If citing from one of the sources, make sure to use MLA or APA in-text citations. You do NOT need to write out the full citation. Good luck! Please I need you to answer these 6 questions. I will upload my Notetaking assignments 8 thru 11 from the readings to help you answer these questions. For this quiz, please answer each question as thoroughly as possible– similar to how your blog posts have been. If you make a claim then back your claim up with evidence and/or explanation. Your response to each question should be a long paragraph. Make sure to cite the source using in-text citations in MLA (Links to an external site.) or APA (Links to an external site.) style. I encourage you to use the texts that we have been reading in the class to answer the questions as many of these are seminal, primary sources which define Cultural Constructions of Identity and Difference. Please confine your answers to the sources provided to you in this class. PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING 8 QUESTIONS. Use the readings from the course to inform your answer. You only need to provide MLA In-text citations. You do not need to provide the entire citation. (Also number each answer to see what question it is)
1. What role did immigrants play in creating unions within American corporations and workplaces?
2. Since the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, people have been protesting across the world every day for racial justice and equality. However, the protests are not just about the murders of two innocent Black people. It has a longer history, a larger context. Using Week 10’s readings and videos to guide you, what were civil rights leaders of the 19050s and 1960s fighting for? and compare that to what modern day civil rights leaders and protest movements are fighting for.
3. 100 years ago, immigrants arrived to the United States and were forced to work long hours in factories under brutal conditions and for low pay. During this time, the majority of immigrants were from northern and western Europe then shifted to southern and eastern European countries. Currently, many of today’s immigrants are from Mexico, Central and South America, and various regions of Asia. Legally, companies must abide by a 40 hour work week and provide benefits. However, many of today’s immigrants are treated similarly to how immigrants were treated one hundred years ago. What is broken about the American immigration system that allows this to continue to happen?
4. Using this video, as well as the readings/videos from Week 12, explain how Americans have become radicalized in their fear of Muslims and anathema towards Islam? Fox News Hypocrisy on White Nationalist Terrorists Vs Muslim Terrorists Exposed | NowThis 5. Do you agree or disagree? Is America ‘the land of the free’? Please use this unit’s texts/videos to support your statement and explanation. Answer as a paragraph with claims and evidence- not just yes or no.
6. Recently, former President George W Bush has decried GOP/Republican opposition and rhetoric towards immigration and immigrants themselves. Going back to Unit 1, when we discussed American values, what difference in American values does George Bush have compared to current GOP leaders regarding immigration and immigrants? In other words, American values have changed and cycled throughout time. What is the difference in ideology between George Bush and current GOP leaders? Also, why do you think this ideological shift has occurred in the past 15-20 years?
Here is the article and make sure to watch the video:
7. Since 2020, anti-Asian hate crimes have drastically increased. Many attribute this rise to anti-Asian rhetoric used by former President Trump as well as associations with the origins of Covid-19. However, racism against Asians has existed far before former President Trump took office. Where does anti-Asian sentiments in the United States begin and in what forms has it persisted until now? Here is an article describing current anti-Asian hate crimes: 8. (Links to an external site.)
Recently, FBI Director Christopher Wray has cited white supremacy as the biggest domestic terrorism threat to the United States. Using Module 12’s readings as your guide, why then are Muslims still considered, in many areas, to be the face of terrorism? Please cite sources from Module 12 in crafting your answer. (For this question I upload module 12 reading for the cite sources, please use it)

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Please answer each question as thoroughly as possible. Use specific
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