Prepare a 5-6 pages (typed, double-spaced with standard margins) research paper

Prepare a 5-6 pages (typed, double-spaced with standard margins) research paper
that analyses a specific international war/armed conflict using the analytical tools that
you acquire during the theoretical discussions. You cannot discuss one of the cases already
discussed in class and in the textbook. This will require original research on your part to
substantiate your analytical claims. This assignment is designed to encourage you to make
connections between real-world events and those scholarly arguments we are learning in
class. In other words, try to apply the concepts we have learned during the course. Clear
your topic with me before you start your paper. In the paper you must:
1) Identify the issues/ sources that lead to the particular international conflict.
2) Determine how attitudes to and the “meaning” of warfare affect its occurrence.
3) Explain the outcome of the conflict. Did this particular conflict end with a
successful settlement and potential order-creation? Why, or why not? Explain why
do peace settlements often fail in the restoration and maintenance of international
4) Based on what we have learned in class, and also on your personal opinion, provide
suggestions how peacemaking and order-creation could be more successful and
lasting in the future (what steps would be needed to at least continue the progress
towards transnational consensus-building, peaceful co-existence and ordercreation).
Note: the references or works cited pages that follow your 5-6 pages paper should be
an extra page or so. Make sure to use a variety of sources, such as books, journal articles,
and not the web exclusively.
The instructions are above for the paper. Political idealology should be mentioned for the armed conflict of your choosing. You are going to choose a conflict in history to write about. However, you CANNOT pick the following: WW1&2, thirty years war, Utrecht settlements, Picking a conflict before 1648 is safe – it just cant be a major conflict typically covered, like vietnam or the Korean war. Nothing well known and thats usually studied in textbooks.

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