Question During World War I, the United States rose from a modest regional power

During World War I, the United States rose from a modest regional power, to the world’s preeminent superpower. In your essay, answer the following simple (but very broad) question: Between 1917 and 1991 (from World War I to the end of the Cold War), how did war and warfare affect and transform American society? Note: this question refers not only to America during war, but also how wars affected America long-term.
DO NOT USE INTERNET SOURCES! I realize how tempting it is to get your materials from the web, but there is so much unverified material and conspiratorial nonsense out there that you may end up writing a dreadfully distorted essay. Also, it makes you vulnerable to plagiarism and cheating. Use the lectures and materials! Your professor knows when you use materials from the web rather than the lectures. The exam is worth 100 points. Instructions
Your essay must be:
Written in MSWord (so I can type my comments).
The MSWord file name must include your own name, UIN, and “Final Exam.” For example “MarkvandeLogt 12345678 Final Exam.” I will need the UIN to distinguish between people who have the same name. Failure to comply with this may cost you points because I will spend additional time sorting out who sent what.
The essay must be at least seven pages long (but feel free to write more). Double-space your essay, use 12-size font, and 1-inch margins. Any attempt to make your essay appear longer by manipulating these formats will cost you points!
In this essay you must include relevant materials from the lectures, readings, and video assignments. Failure to do so will cost you lots of points. Let me repeat: Do not use internet sources!!!! Using internet resources opens you up to plagiarism and incorrect information. Instead of grading you, your professor would in effect be grading the internet source. Most of you are not experienced enough to distinguish reliable from unreliable internet sources. In short, do your own thinking based on the materials from class. However, if you insist on using internet sources, despite your professor’s warnings, you MUST CITE THEM. Failure to do so will lead to an F for the assignment and possible charges of plagiarism with the office of academic misconduct. This would put your academic career at risk. Avoid block quotes from the readings. You are allowed to quote a sentence here or there (this tells me you have at least looked at the source…just be sure to pick a good statement), but otherwise use your own words as much as possible. Block quotes will not count towards the page-length requirement. NOTE: If you fail to comply with the above requirements, or if you hand in your work late, I will take off additional points.
Grading Rubric
Your essay will be graded on the following:
Clarity (10 points); This includes spelling, style, grammar and especially organization.
Introduction (10 points); Keep it short and simple. A single paragraph, no longer than half a page, is enough. You must close it with a thesis statement: a one-sentence answer to the question that explains how greatly wars impacted American society.
Conclusion (10 points). This time you do not need to write an introduction because you are commenting on statements. However, your conclusion is important. In your conclusion you must weigh the two statements against each other. Correct use of facts from the lectures and the assigned readings and videos (70 points); This includes chronology, names, etc. When you use a particular reading or visual source, briefly identify it. A simple “(Fog of War)” or “(Hemingway reading),” is enough. DON’T USE INTERNET SOURCES PLEASE
the drive contains the required files.

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During World War I, the United States rose from a modest regional power
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