Question 1 2 pts True or False: A researcher should begin the process of designi

Question 1 2 pts
True or False: A researcher should begin the process of designing his/her study sample by designating the population of interest, then determine how to derive the sample.
Question 2 5 pts
1.What is the difference between probability samples and non-probability samples? 2. What effect does each have on a researchers’ ability to generalize results of the study beyond the actual sample?
Question 3 5 pts
Why is an accurate sampling frame so important when using the random sampling technique to design your study sample?
Question 4 5 pts
How can a sample created using systematic sampling techniques end up being non-representative of the population of interest?
Question 5 5 pts
A researcher wants to stratify her study population based on weekend hobbies. The groups below make up her sampling frame:
Golfing: 1,000 people
Jogging: 800 people
Skydiving: 50 people
Should she use Proportional Stratified Sampling or Stratified
Random Sampling? Why?
Question 6 5 pts
Differentiate between a Type 1 Error and a Type 2 error in Analytical research studies; and state the level of statistical significance (αlpha / βeta levels) set for each by health science researchers.
Complete the following Statement regarding sample size:
An ideal sample size is large enough to (1) ___________and_____________yet small enough to (2)________________ as well as___________________
Question 8 5 pts
To calculate the appropriate sample size, a researcher must know: 1) the level of significance, 2) the probability of obtaining a significant result (power), and 3) the population effect size. How does a researcher determine the effect size?
Question 9 2 pts
In one paragraph, using complete sentences, explain why do surveys require a greater sample size than experimental studies? Question 10 4 pts
Explain the Major difference between Cohort studies and Case- control investigations and state the purpose of each method. Question 11 5 pts
Describe the most significant advantage of completing a current cohort study over a historical cohort study?
Question 12 5 pts
What specific characteristic should the control group in a case-control study share with the general population? question 13
Which type of bias does “blinding” a case-control study help to prevent?
Group of answer choices
Selection bias
Information bias
Question 14
Name the two ways to control for confounding variables in an epidemiological study after the data have been collected.
Question 15 5 pts
A researcher wants to determine the probability that an individual will develop a new disease within one calendar year. Would she look at the prevalence or incidence rate of the disease to make this determination? Why ? Explain your answer in complete sentences ?
Question 16 5 pts
Researchers use Analytical Epidemiological studies to determine causation between a health problem or disease and specific risk factors. Describe 6 alternative ways to determine causation when experimental methods are not possible.
Question 17 5 pts
Explain what the confidence interval of a given calculation tells us. Question 18 4 pts
Match the data with its category
Group of answer choices
( Degree of education, Weight, Temperature in Kelvin, List of grades in pass/fail class)
Question 19 5 pts
Which measure of relationship among the data should a researcher use in the following study:
Twelve senior citizens were asked to rank the severity of their joint pain on a scale of 1-10.
Group of answer choices
Pearson Product-Moment Correlation
Spearman Rank Order Correlation
20. What is the difference between a statistic and a parameter? 21.Identify and Describe the Major Sections of a Research Proposal?
Question 22 2 pts
Which of the following a researcher does not attempt to communicate in a Proposal?
Group of answer choices
Actual results from the study, along with a discussion about them
Purpose of the study
Step-by-Step procedures for conducting the study
importance of the intended study
23. In the Data Analysis section of the Proposal the researcher discusses which of the following?
Question 24 2 pts
In which section of a research proposal do researchers state succinctly what they propose to investigate?
Group of answer choices
The purpose of the study
Justification of the study
APA cited definitions of terms
The research question
Describe the purpose of an abstract in the research proposal or research report. Group of answer choices
The budget
Study implications and limitations
How the data will be collected
Results and findings

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True or False: A researcher should begin the process of designi
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