PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLE Summary (70 points possible) The goal is for you t

PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLE Summary (70 points possible)
The goal is for you to access, read, and briefly summarize a research article from a peer-reviewed academic journal, not a secondary source. (Choose a study or meta-analysis, not an editorial letter). Provide the following information:
• Title of article
• Author(s)
• Journal Name/Source (for some open source articles, the journal name is abbreviated on the upper left)
• Year
Answer the following two questions, writing in complete sentences with proper punctuation:
• What was the topic of the article?
• Give an example of a measurement/assessment instrument used.
• What were the results?
Total Summary should be at least 1-page double spaced, 12 pt font, Times New Roman. You are to upload your submission within the present assignment link.
DO NOT discuss or write anything regarding violence, suicide, homicide, aggression, trauma, or abuse of any kind or anything of sexual nature. Also, please DO NOT share anything about yourself or anyone you know.
Please be sure to AVOID sharing ANY personal or sensitive information about yourself or anyone you know. In fact, you will LOSE points for sharing ANY details about yourself or anyone you know! Most importantly, DO NOT share information about your own mental health problems or traumatic experiences or that of anyone you know. Our course is not the place to share sensitive information of this kind. For any help needed with mental health, please contact the Clovis Community College Psychological Services. See link Below.
See below for instructions on how to access peer-reviewed journal articles on our library website. You’ll be using this same process to find articles for your research essay later in the semester. How to find a peer-reviewed journal article on the library website: *Procedures may have changed slightly.
1. Click the link below.
EBSCOHost Academic Search Premier and specialized databases (Links to an external site.)
From off-campus, use your student ID# for username & your Canvas/email password.
2. Scroll down and click on “APA PsycArticles” and or “Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection”
Click the “Continue” button located at the bottom left of the page.
3. Enter your search word(s) (keywords) in the box at the top of the screen. After entering the search words, click “Search.”
4. A list of articles will appear on your screen. For each article, you should see an underlined blue link (this is the title) & links labeled PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text. Choose a title that looks interesting to you and click on the title link; it will take you to a citation & abstract page for the article. You will see the abstract (a brief summary of the article) and get a sense of what the article is about. Then you can scroll down to the bottom of the citation to click on the PDF full-text or the HTML full text. You can e-mail it to yourself or pay to print it on the library printers.
Their is a link to a article in the topic box.

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The goal is for you t
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