The paper shall examine what national security in the United States might look l

The paper shall examine what national security in the United States might look like in 5 years from now.
You are required a./ to provide a broad overview highlighting trends and b./ to choose a specific area of security such as nuclear, biological, cyber, climate or border security for your analysis. The paper must be at least 10 full pages of content in length with normal APA margins. GRAPHS, CHARTS, over-spacing, and other “filler material” do not count towards the 10 pages. Scores for papers that do not meet the minimum length requirement will be marked down by five points for each half page or portion of a half page short, and ten points for three-quarters of a page short. Tables, graphs, or charts should be presented in an appendix, and are not counted toward the minimum paper length.
The paper must have a title page and must follow APA style. Pages must be numbered. An abstract is not necessary but may be included. It does not count towards the required pages.
You are required to use the following as basic document for your analysis: 2019-ATA-SFR—SSCI_Threat Ass..pdf 2019-ATA-SFR—SSCI_Threat Ass..pdf – Alternative Formats
Minimum 8 additional sources must be researched and cited in the paper (peer-reviewed, scholarly journals, etc.) The paper will be partially evaluated on the quality and appropriateness of your sources. As a rule, academic sources, e.g., books, journals, government-sponsored studies and reports, are of better quality than newspapers and magazines. Web sources, other than government web sites, may not be used, unless it is a NJCU database article. The course readings may be cited.
The paper must be typed double-spaced. Times Roman font style should be consistent throughout the paper (Italics and boldface are permissible). Twelve-point font size should be used. Exceptions to the font requirements may be made for tables and exhibits. The paper should be written in a style appropriate to college-level work, that is, proper grammar, syntax, spelling, and appropriate vocabulary are expected. The paper will be evaluated based on these criteria as well as on content. Papers that are judged to have not been proofread and grammatically sound will not be graded.

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