Technology and environments


For your chosen worst company write a paper covering the following:
Identify the hard and soft technology used for both the domestic and global environments of your company. This is not about computers or software; see Lesson.
Identify the technology barriers to your chosen company in both environments.
Discuss how the company can overcome these barriers.
Evaluate the strategy used and how the company should protect its technology.
Instructions: Also see Attachments.

This paper will prepare a portion your Final Simulation Project, detailing the items above.
Research requirement: minimum 2 scholarly sources with at least one source from your required readings.
Minimum page requirement: 2-3 pages in APA format.
Submit Assignment 4 by midnight, Day 7, week 4.
Review the Grading Rubric for additional guidance in preparing your paper.

You will become familiar with business theories and approaches relating to various business environments (Domestic, Global, Technological, Political-Legal, Socio-Cultural, and Economic).
Students will evaluate the business environments and practices of selected companies.
Students will evaluate the business environments of a company identified as a “worst” company to learn why it is not successful.
Students will apply successful company strategies and business theory to recommend a successful strategy for the “worst” company.
The technological environment includes how the rapid pace of change in production processes and product innovation affect a business. The technological environment also consists of what affects the technology and which can create new products, new markets, and new marketing opportunities. This week youll begin to identify barriers for your chosen “Worst” company. Continue to Lesson 4 for more information and details.

LO – 4 Given a chosen company, the student will detect and evaluate the company’s hard and soft technology using both the Domestic and Global environments of the company.


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