Hi! Thank you for taking over my book review paper! This book review final is on

Hi! Thank you for taking over my book review paper! This book review final is on “When they call you a terrorist” by Patrisse Cullors and I would like for the paper to be a argue and recommend to prospective readers why they should read it. Please use only quotes from the book itself, about 3-4 quotes should be fine.
Professor’s request:
Include a clearly-stated thesis in the introduction of the outline.
4-6 (ish) top-level headings (i.e. “Introduction”, “Conclusion”, and a few others which indicate how your argument will unfold)
Subheadings indicating specific supportive evidence and arguments of 1-2 sentences. It might help to provide citations here so you can quickly find the information again as you write.
The more information you include in your outline, and the more specific it is related to how your argument will unfold the easier and better your final paper will be. At a minimum, write 1-2 sentences for each subheading in your outline.
Start with the template below to make your outline.
Your outline should be about 500 words total and should not include any direct quotes
Use the bold words as section headers and write 2-3 sentences to fill in the subheadings with your own ideas.
Outline Template
State your title idea(s)
Describe your introduction.
What “hook” will you use? Will you tell a brief story? Give the reader a surprising statistic? State a provocative idea?
Brief description of argument and sources
Topic Sentences (repeat for each paragraph)
State your topic sentence
Describe specific supportive evidence and arguments related to your thesis.
Topic sentence
Description of conclusion
Your review should be a minimum of 4 double-spaced pages (1000 words) and not too much more than 6 (1500 words).
Include references or ideas from 1-3 additional materials we’ve engaged with so far. If your format allows it, cite them in the text. Or, include the references in your explainer.
Demonstrate significant engagement with these materials and show that you’ve read,
understood, and can apply the concepts, ideas, and theories we’ve learned about.

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