Education in Saudi Arabia.

        1. Problem statement a. Research problem to be investigated There exists a form of discrimination among different faculties in the institution when
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1. Problem statement
a. Research problem to be investigated
There exists a form of discrimination among different faculties in the institution when it comes to the adoption of new design thinking methodology. The phase of education and economy in the country is continually diversifying. This brings constant problems as it changes and grows. However, not all faculties and institutions are willing to adapt to the new technologies and models to combat the challenges faced in modern days. There are different factors that the research proposes to contribute to the discrimination that exists when it comes to some teachers adopting modern models while others are not.

school – college/higher education institutions
teachers – instructors
you donot need to write teacher

1. Importance/ role of technology in today’s education
Higher education institutions are adopting new technologies

2. Saudi Arabian higher education moving toward the integration of technology
3. design thinking (relate it to the integration of technology, define it, talk about the need for it and talk about the problem)

You need to organize as I write 1,2,3 and put citation to sort the sentences

Technology is taking over literary every aspect of human life, and the education sector has not been left behind. Despite the high use and importance of technology, the education sector is slow in incorporating technology into the education curriculum. Some schools are slowly adopting new technologies and methods of teaching. However, some schools are still ragging back in integrating new technologies. There is also a problem of ensuring that teachers learn about instructional technology and incorporate it into teaching. Some teachers have adopted the new design thinking strategy while others have not. Hence, there is a need to understand why some teachers are yet to adopt modern learning strategies, such as design thinking.

As the Saudi Arabian government continues building higher learning institutions and more students join the learning institution as a population surge. The higher design thinking has been designed to meet the institution’s needs in different faculties by providing alternative solutions in solving the challenges the institution faces as they grow.

The higher education sector is in the transition era in adopting new methodologies and technologies in learning. However, some of the teachers and students are reluctant to adopt these new technologies and strategies. For the school curriculum to adopt the new design thinking strategy, the involved stakeholders should accept the new changes. Most teachers tend to teach the way they were taught using old curriculums. The students may also not be willing to adopt new learning strategies. Hence, there is a persistent problem of both teachers and students undergoing the revolution from the old teaching curriculums and adopting new teaching methodologies such as design thinking. There is a need for both teachers and students to adopt new technologies to enhance the way students learn.

b. Empirical studies addressing the problem.
The implementation of the design thinking model may be negatively affected by various factors; thus, they need to be evaluated to determine their role in discriminating the adoption of the design thinking model. The proposed study will focus on the examination of the following factors: (1) instructors’ perceived value towards the proposed new model; (2) availability of technological resources; (3) the provider’s perceived value of the proposed model; and (4) and instructors’ technological knowledge.

(1) Instructors may have negative perceived value towards the adoption of new models (why??). (ADD A SHORT SENTENCE ABOUT each of the FACTORS).
(4) Design thinking as a proposed instructional model poses various challenges to instructors as they must be highly technologically competent to understand and utilize the proposed model.


The post Education in Saudi Arabia. first appeared on COMPLIANT PAPERS.



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