Managerial Finance — FINC20018

Managerial Finance — FINC20018
Take-Home Exam (Online Test)
Term 1 2021
General Information
The final Take-Home Exam will be conducted online in the format of Online Test, which will
open on Moodle at a set time and date and restricted to completion within a set timeframe.
Take-Home Exam (Online Test) will be timetabled as would your invigilated exam.
What do you need to do to prepare?
• ensure you have the required equipment (computer)
• ensure you have internet access with sufficient bandwidth and reliable signal
• book your availability for the test date/time
• arrange a quiet workspace so that you will not have distractions during the test
You need to get familiarised with the use of the technology and to practice the types of
questions that you will encounter in assessment.
If you need financial assistance to get the technology to support your learning, look for
information on the Student Broadcast messages regarding assistance.
Make sure you DO NOT miss the test. If you miss this setting, there will be no replacement
test and you will receive NS (Not Sat/Fail) in the grade book. Only valid reason will be
considered in the Deferred Exam application.
Managerial Finance — FINC20018
Take-Home Exam (Online Test)
Term 1 2021
Instructions Sheet
• The final Take-Home Exam is a 3-hour online test with a total of 50 marks. It contains
Multiple Choice Questions and Discussion Questions.
• Candidates must answer 30 Multiple Choice Questions, each question carries 1 mark
being a total of 30 marks; and 2 Discussion Questions, each question carries 10 marks
being a total of 20 marks.
• The Multiple Choice Questions can be theory and calculation questions. For the
Discussion Questions you need to type in the given space in the online form, the
maximum word is 100 words per question. In general, all the topics will be covered.
• You can use a calculator or excel spreadsheet while undertaking the online test. The
textbook is allowed to use during the test and you can access any teaching materials.
Note the formula sheet will not be provided.
• The test will start at 3pm (QLD time) on 15th June 2021. You need to complete the test
in one setting of 3 hours, which means the test will close at 6pm (QLD time). If you start
the test late, you will have less time and the test will close automatically. There will be no
further extension and the test will not open again.
• To access the online test please go to the Moodle, FINC20018, Term 1 2021, and below
the Welcome section look for ‘TAKE-HOME EXAM (Online Test 50%)’. Make sure you
always ‘Save’ the attempt and click the ‘Submit’ once finish, otherwise your work will
not be saved.
• In Week 12 you will see two examples of online test, Online Test_example 1 and Online
Test_example 2. The formal online test will not be exactly the same but similar in style.
You can use the two online test examples during the revision, make an attempt to those
questions, familiarize with the online format, how to navigate each question, how to save
and click the submit button.
• Apart from the example tests you can use lecture notes, workshop questions, self-study
questions, weekly quiz questions and past exams etc, these are all good resources you
can use in the revision.
• If you have any issues relating to connectivity while undertaking the test, please email the
Unit Coordinator as soon as possible. If you miss this setting there will be no replacement
test. Only valid reason will be considered in the Deferred Exam application.



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