new hire nurse better engage in EBP

Create a 1-2-page resource that will describe databases that are relevant to EBP around a diagnosis you chose and could be used to help a new hire nurse better engage in EBP. You may choose the diagnosis for the patient in this scenario. Choose something you would find interesting to research or that applies to a clinical problem you would be interested in addressing. Create a list of at least five sources to find evidence, with the best source list first. Also, explain why the sources you chose are best to find evidence for the diagnosis you chose and the clinical scenario. You are only evaluating the sources of evidence (database, website, policy database or website, et cetera). You are not actually completing a search and selecting evidence.

Describe databases that are relevant to EBP around a diagnosis

Consider the following examples:. A nursing journal in CINAHL may not be the best source of evidence for information on how to administer medications through a central-venous catheter. Whereas a hospital policy database found on a website may not be the best source of information on caring for a patient with a rare chromosomal abnormality. The purpose of this assessment is to understand where to find evidence that can be applied to clinical scenarios. Also, to learn effective communication and collaboration with clinical staff during the process of evidence location.

As a baccalaureate-prepared nurse, you will not only use research for self-improvement in your clinical role. But you will also serve as a mentor to supervised nursing staff. Therefore, you will need to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively to guide them toward resources to find research. As well as support them through the initial evidence location process. In doing so, nurses can gain access to evidence that can be analyze and utilize to stay current on best practices. This allows them to provide safe, patient-centered care and improve patient outcomes. For this assessment: Describe your role as a baccalaureate-prepared nurse supervising clinical staff nurses with regard to communication and collaboration. This is in locating evidence for application to a nursing practice scenario.



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