Assessment 2: Applying the TLL model to a sequence of

Assessment 2: Applying the TLL model to a sequence of teaching (60%)
Word Count: 3000 words.
In your role as a teacher, and drawing from the weekly content in this subject, apply and analyse the three layers in our TLL model (Neuroscience, Psychology, Educati^to the planning of a sequence of teaching in your practice. A sequence of teaching is a block of content you plan to teach (or have taught or a hypothetical teaching session) and should include at least 3 hours of content, activities and assessment task/s. You will consider the TLL Model against each of these areas.
Your submission will include the following:
• A description of the sequence of teaching
• Outline how each TLL layer is applied to the sequence of teaching
• Discuss the challenges and strengths in applying each layer of the model to the sequence of teaching
• Discuss the benefits to your teaching in applying the model
• Discuss and reflect on the potential benefits to student learning in applying the model
• Draw conclusions using a summative statement about the worth of applying the model to teaching in the classroom and / or teaching and / or learning context appropriate to your area of interest.
If you are not a teacher / actively teaching in the classroom:
• Try to choose a context for teaching and learning that is relevant to your area of interest and professional context
• If you are not actively engaged in the workforce, you are welcome to use a hypothetical situation where teaching and learning are the central goals
• The main thing is to adapt the lessons and insights you have gained over the previous weeks to better inform your teaching and learning practice (in whatever context you decide).
The broad purpose of this assessment is for you to apply your learning from this subject to your teaching and reflect on its utility. More specifically the task requires you to engage and draw from the weekly content and relevant literature and apply this to a teaching sequence in the classroom or another context relevant to you. For example, think about how your knowledge of brain structures may help in understanding how learning may occur and how that might influence your approaches to teaching within the sequence? What evidence is there in the research literature to support your ideas?


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