Implementing Switched and Routed Networks

T1 2021 Assignment 2
Unit Code NTW200
Unit Title Implementing Switched and Routed Networks
Assessment Type Group (Maximum 3 Students)
Assessment Title Network requirement analysis and plan
Weight 40%
Total Marks 80
Word limit 2,500 Words
Due Date Week 12, 13 June 2021 11:55 pm – Submit a report on Moodle

Assignment Description
Project Scope: A typical network layout diagram of an Insurance and financial company having various sections
is given below (for illustrative purposes only). The firm has sections segregated as Customer service and waiting
room, Manager and employees offices, HR, Damages and claims, Finance. The Network requirements are given
as under;
Figure-1: Network layout of the firm
Service requirements
1. Five different sections have separate networks. Only Manager have all the access to the finance
department. Whereas, customer service area, HR, Damage and claim sections do not have access to
2. Printing services are available to all the departments.
3. Wireless access is available to all the customers and guest at customer services area.
4. Internet should be provided to all the sections except Finance section.
5. IP network design is required
6. Hardware requirements with costs specification.
7. Configuration details on the hardware (Routers, switches and workstations)
Report requirements:
The report should have a detail explanation of the planning and designing of network. It is recommended
that bullet points are included whenever necessary.
1. Project Scope
2. Project requirements
3. Network design – Consider the human factor design concepts
4. IP addressing in a tabular form (include justification whenever necessary)
5. Network topology diagram (CISCO Packet tracer is mandatory)
Switch configuration
Router configuration
Access point and server configuration guidelines
Security configuration


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