Analyse and present research information

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Assessment Title:35823/02 Analyse and present research information
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Attempt 1 In order to demonstrate competence in units of competency within the HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing a combination of assessment tasks must be completed to demonstrate an understanding of the underpinning knowledge and required skills as outlined in the National Training Package. The following 35823/02 Analyse and present research information assessment must be completed to form part of the evidence required to demonstrate the underpinning knowledge for: BSBRES411 Analyse and present research information Timeframe: This assessment must be completed by Week 68 in your timetable. Grading: Each assessment task will be graded Satisfactory (S) or Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS). A Satisfactory result in each assessment task must be attained to receive a competent outcome for the unit overall. For information regarding reassessment refer to the Student Handbook. “I affirm that all work submitted within is my true and original work unless otherwise credited” Student signature:       Date       ☐ If you have typed your name, please tick this box to acknowledge that by including your name in place of a signature above, it is deemed to be your signature for the purpose of this assessment.

Module 25 Analyse and present research information This is assessment 2 of 2. Deliverables Carefully read the deliverables set out in this assessment before submitting your work into OpenSpace. To do list: Complete the assessment coversheet by adding: Your full name Open Colleges Student ID Date Your Cohort (eg Feb 19) Affirm that the work submitted is your work, either by: Signing the bottom of the page (this can be an electronic signature) or Tick the affirmation box and type your name. Read the background/overview and student instructions outlined in this assessment. Save the assessment using the naming convention:
‘Your Surname_your open colleges student number_assessment number.doc’.
For example: “SMITH_E1234569_31135_01.doc.” Save a copy of this assessment for your own records and upload your document in OpenSpace using the relevant assessment upload link in this module.


Evidence based practice is an integral part of health care today. You will witness many advances in patient care over your career and you will hopefully be involved in evaluating these changes in nursing practice. Hand washing in 1846 as observed by Dr Ignaz Semmelweis, is a perfect example of Evidence Based Care and how clinical experience, observation and comparison identified patient outcomes in relation to the health professionals who washed their hands compared to those who did not.

‘This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to gather, organise, analyse and present workplace information using available systems and sources. This includes identifying research requirements and sources of information, applying information to a set of facts, evaluating the quality and reliability of the information, and preparing and producing reports’,

‘It applies to individuals in roles in which they are required to apply their broad knowledge of the work environment to analysis and research tasks, evaluate information from a variety of sources and apply solutions to a range of predictable and unpredictable problems’. (

Instructions to the student

Reflect on your last two PEP clinical placements and identify a clinical area or an interesting change in practice that you would like to develop your knowledge in . Your idea should come from something new you encountered or identified as a change in practice which may help patients’ care. .It is important this area interests you as you will need to transfer this interest into a research idea. In the study days linked to BSBRES411 Analyse and present research information you will be provided with the knowledge and support required to develop this research idea. Once you have developed your research idea you will develop this into a basic research plan.

You are required to complete all eleven (11) written questions below. It is important to read each question carefully. During this assessment, you will be assessed on your knowledge on BSBRES411 Analyse and present research information

Your answers should demonstrate that you have an understanding of BSBRES411 Analyse and present research information.

You are to:

  • Answer all questions in your own words.
  • Reference your answers using the APA 6th Edition referencing standard.
  • Use correct medical terminology and professional language where required.

Deliverables for this assessment

To gain a satisfactory result for this assessment, you will need to upload all the following documents into OpenSpace

Your OpenSpace assessment submission is to include:

  • This assessment documentation with completed answers.

Once uploaded, your educator will assess your assessment submission and provide feedback to you on the written assessment evidence checklist attached to this assessment.

You will be given either a Satisfactory or Not Yet Satisfactory result. If your result is Not Yet Satisfactory, you will be given a due date for resubmission and feedback indicating what areas need addressing to gain a satisfactory result.


Performance criteriaRecord of results
Q1What is your research idea and how does it relate to nursing practice?SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q2Describe two reasons you think your research idea could be important to inform nursing practice:SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q3What is your research question?SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q4List two objectives of your research:SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q5Choose and describe the research approach which could be used to answer your research question: a) Quantitative, b) Qualitative, or c) Mixed methods?SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q6List two reasons the research approach chosen in question 5 could help you to answer your research question:SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q7Locate and list three peer-reviewed articles which could inform your research: List these using the APA referencing style.SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q8List two (2) reasons your first article in Question 7 informs your research:SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q9List two (2) reasons your second article in Question 7 informs your research:SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q10List two (2) reasons your third article in Question 7 informs your research:SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q 11List and describe three (3) ways you could distribute your research findings, conclusions and recommendations:SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q 12List and describe five (5) ways you would securely store, maintain and confidentiality handle your research information and documents:SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q 13List and describe three (3) ethical obligations you would need to apply to your research:SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q 14List three (3) potential stakeholders of your research:SNYS
Student to add answer here

Q 15Reflect and list three (3) ways your knowledge of nursing research has been expanded:SNYS
Student to add answer here

Written Evidence Checklist

The written assessment evidence checklist is a record of your assessment activity outcome. Your educator will record your progress, provide feedback and comments in this checklist and will provide a copy (in Open Space) once your submission has been marked.

You have two (2) attempts to complete the assessment. If you need to re-attempt the assessment task your educator will give you clear and direct feedback with revised submission dates if required.

Attempt of      SatisfactoryNot Yet satisfactory
I declare that the student has completed the written assessment and has achieved all criteria for 35823/02 Analyse and present research information.
Plagiarism All the student’s work is original and sourced and referenced where appropriate.
Educators comments

If work submitted by student was found ‘Not Yet Satisfactory’ advise what action that is required is: Resubmission required Date for resubmission       Other

Educator Name:       Date      

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