studying an accounting degree at university

Tutorial Question note that this has been taken from larns://www.fairwork,gelp-forivisa-holders-andzinigant and is based on a real story. Jessica, a 21 year old international student came to Sydney from Shanghai, China. While studying an accounting degree at university, she looked for casual work. Jessica was worried that her English might not be good enough for some employers, so she applied for jobs advertised on various Chinese community websites. She found a job working in a Chinese restaurant. Her new boss was also from Shanghai and gave Jessica free meals on the days she worked. Jessica felt comfortable and safe working in a place where she didn’t need to spealc much English and her boss treated her nicely. Her boss gradually asked her to work more and more hours. In most weeks, she worked over 50 hours.
Jessica never received a pay slip and her hours changed constantly. She started to write down the hours she worked and the amount she was paid on her phone. Jessica received SIO an hour and then, after several months, this increased to $13 an hour. Jessica spent so many hours working in the restaurant that she failed two of her university subjects. She realised that she spent too much time at work and did not have enough time and encrgy to study. Jessica asked her boss about reducing her hours. Her boss said no and told her that if she did, he would report Jessica to the Immigration Department for breaching her visa. kssica knew that her visa only allowed her to work 40 hours a fortnight during semester. What advice would you give Jessica?

Reference no: EM132069492



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