Alice is an outspoken and loud colleague

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Ali’s mum was angry when the educator rang to inform her of the incident.
She threatened to withdraw her child and complained that Ali has not been progressing in the two years he has been at the daycare centre.
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• Scenario 3
Alice is an outspoken and loud colleague who is not afraid to speak her mind. She has been working in Southern Cross Daycare since its opening.
She is the second-in-charge in the toddlers’ room and you are the new team leader in that room.
Alice and you have a good relationship so far and she has been helpful in settling you in your new role in the toddler’s room.
This is the third week you are working in the toddler’s room. You have noticed that Alice’s dealings with the children have not been the most respectful and positive lately.
Yesterday, while serving lunch, Sarah from the toddlers’ room dropped her bowl from the highchair during lunch and Alice yelled at her and made her cry.
Today, Thomas pushed another toddler over while rushing for a toy and Alice picked Thomas up, shook him and spanked him once as you were walking into the room after your break. Please click REPLY (right hand side) 411110

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